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Mayfair had its beginning at this location on April 13, 1958, as the successor to the Culbertson Heights church which met at 1400 NE 13th Street.

Actually, the beginning goes back to the first congregation of the church of  Christ in Oklahoma City which started in the old courthouse.  Eventually, property was purchased at 10th and Francis, and a building was constructed.  The leadership at 10th and Francis helped establish the Culbertson Heights congregation in 1937.

On April 13, 1958, approximately 200 people gathered for the first worship service and Bible classes.  The main auditorium at that time was the chapel located at the west end of our facilities.

Within the first year, two morning services were regularly conducted until growth demanded the construction of our 1300 seat auditorium in 1962. 

Cled Wallace and K.C. Moser carried the pulpit responsibilities at Culbertson Heights until John H. Banister came in September, 1938.  George Bailey followed Banister's ten-year ministry in 1948 and remained until 1954. Robert Hawkins (1954-55) and Reece Bryant (1955-57) served for the next three years. Virgil Bentley came in 1957 and remained ten years.

He was succeeded by Virgil R. Trout in January, 1968 and Virgil R. Trout was succeeded by  Darrel G. Rickard, who started his work in July, 1979 with Mayfair until 1996.  Darrel Rickard was succeeded by Tom Bedichek until the spring of 1999 and Dr. Gary Grady from the Fall of 1999 to March, 2006.   We were fortunate to have Seth McDowell and Gayland Geiger as our pulpit ministers for an interim period until the end of 2010.

Mayfair was excited to welcome Randy Johns as our Preaching minister April, 2011.  Mayfair is blessed to have Guy Ross as our Ministerial Elder Danielle Shrock as our Children's Minister, Freddie Lorick as our Campus Minister and Jared Chambers as our Youth Minister.

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